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  • Kwabena Hene Ahenkang B.A, RT.(R), ARRT, CHT
  • Bachelor of Arts health administration, University of Massachusetts
  • Associate degree Diagnostics & Imaging, Radiologic Technology, Springfield Techincal Community College
  • Certified Hemodialysis Technician {CHT}- BONENT-board of nephrology examiners Nursing technology

My Story

I am passionate about the future and working on plan B in these uncertain times. I can now call the work I do, my vocation, because I enjoy what I do.

I struggled with bone on bone osteo Arthritis of my left hip for about 12-14 years, my prescription was 600mg of ibuprofen to manage my pain and inflammation. I was finally scheduled for hip replacement because it was just unbearable.

flipping through channels one Sunday morning, Dr. Wallach showed up on a Benny Hinn program on my television. He completely changed the way I looked at medicine, even as a health care professional myself, making statements like those, was so foreign to my ears.

Arthritis, diabetes, depression and high blood pressure were a few of the easiest chronic diseases he could make symptoms completely disappear as long as his therapeutics and protocols were followed accordingly. He got my attention.

I sat there and listened through the whole program, ordered his book and cd “dead doctors lie”, book arrives in the mail and the rest they say is history.

For me failure is not an option so what better motivation is there to succeed.

At, our mantra is: “Providing Health, Spiritual and financial liberty for mankind”. Knowing that we can’t do well if we don’t feel well

This is my story and I am sticking with it.


A first generation Ghanaian American and 2nd among 5 children from my mother’s kids but 6th out of all 9 kids from my father.
Soccer in particular, but sports in general was my thing growing up, always sweating profusely, which resulted in me developing a bone on bone osteo arthritis of my left hip.
I struggled with this for almost 14 years, until I stumbled upon Dr Wallach’s therapeutics.
As I mentioned in my story, our allopathic friends are best at surgery when it is necessary , so in my situation, not only was I struggling with arthritis, I was also diagnosed with s form of leukaemia, leukocitic leukemic, which was due to working as an X-ray tech with the C-ARM machine.
Now, unbeknownst to me whilst I was using the 90 essential nutrients to support and promote my bodies ability to fix my arthritic condition, my body, in it’s wisdom applied my nutrient’s according to the totem pole of health, in that, it fixed my leukaemia and delayed my joint issue.
However my pain and inflammation had subsided significantly except my cartilage was not re-growing, coupled with the fact that, considering the out of pocket cost in acquiring my supplements, and the time involved to wait for another 3-4 years for my cartilage regrowth, I opted for the surgery, and as they say, live to fight another day when my health insurance premiums will cover all of my wholistic therapeutics.
I also knew at this point that the titanium used to replace the hip had been developed so well it could last up till 25 years depending upon how well I took care of myself. I have since continued to take my 90 for life program as expected knowing that my cartilage can regrow over the titanium as I have seen in many cases.
Both my parents were devout Christians that went through their own morphing of faiths and doctrines of the Christian religion until my father passed on to join our ancestors in the oceans of Nun, at a very young but accomplished age of 45 years in 1981 December 12th.
My mother, Maaame Akosua Akyaa has been the one, who, despite her non English speaking “advantage”, has been the one whose wisdom carried us through all the upheavals up till today 2018 November 3rd.
What I am advocating for, is a common sense approach to our healthcare system where both philosophically different disciplines, allopathic and naturopathic medicines would be given equal attention in our health care arena, and by that I mean both being covered by our health insurances which every working adult pays through their wages every week but is only allowed to use it for pharmaceutical centred medicine. This is where all the problems begin. And I intend to help fix it.
Also making sure the allopaths stay in their lane to do what they are trained to do and the naturopaths also allowed to handle only what they are trained in.
Once this is ensured we will notice that our beloved allopaths will focus on emergency care, trauma and a handful of infectious diseases and the naturopaths will also focus on all the chronic diseases, thereby making people go to see the right physician for the right diseases for the right treatment.
This will completely change the trajectory as we have it now, which is heading south, getting worse and worse and worse just like taking the wrong dog for a hunt.

I have always been philosophically open minded about life in general and spirituality in particular. Growing up, after my biological father passed on, I was adopted by my father’s Bishop so I was more or less a missionary boy. I later became his cup bearer served under his wings for over 25years. I even became the assistant youth pastor along the way. I say this to make a point about how far deep I was into ministry work.
I had no idea I would be into health as I am today. Studied accounting as my major and worked as an accounts officer at Ghana civil aviation authority, airport for some time until I moved to USA with the intention of reinventing myself after a failed business venture due to politics.
I some how found myself gravitating towards health even though I new I did not want to be a nurse or a medical doctor. However I really was liking my new found science subjects physics, chemistry, biology etc. As faith will have it, I ended up studying biotechnology which landed me into food science after working for ken’s food for some time as an R&D lab technician, preparing different samples of salad dressings before it was sent down for scaling up into production.
I later switched into diagnostic imaging of which the Radiation almost ended my life so I ended up leaving that field and bought an African markets, I managed that for about 3 years with the intention of seeking funding to turn it into a franchise, but the funding fell through so I had cut my loses and reinvent myself again. I then switched back into health except this time I went into Hemodialysis.
Dialysis has become a major venture in my life ,to a point where I am building a Dialysiis unit in Ghana to help with the need as we have it now in the country, and boy, there is definitely the need looking at the numbers.
My spiritual philosophy has now taken a turn from so called religious tone into more of spirituality before religions.
This simply means, staying overly religious and submerging spirituality is like continuing to carry the boat that helped you cross the river even after you have finished crossing the river as Dr Kaba will sometimes say, meaning religion has had a special role to play in our journey to self actualization, however in the process, human doctrines and agenda to control the masses coupled with greed and power has made its negative impact affect the same people it came to help.
Don’t believe me, just look around you, Religion has killed more people than any other cause of death, and think about this for a second, why would all the religions claim to be worshipping the same God but yet disagree so much that they would kill each other over their belief. It’s mind blowing.
I am however, preparing my thesis in a way that will not be animus towards any religion, instead, will seek to not only bring us together but also awaken us from our state of brain freeze, and to apply our common sense which is what the creative force of the Universe gave us to use to live our cycle of life.
Looking back, I now know and understand how Destiny and providence will always meet you half way as long as you pay attention to your inner self (God within). I say that because every encounter I have made in my life has had a role to play in putting me in my current position on the GPS on earth.
Through my own health experience which led me to the tutelage of Dr. Joel Wallach and Dr. Peter Glidden who have remotely taught me everything I know in the field of wholistic therapeutics and it’s applications using the 90 essential nutrients. I now consult a whole host of people from different backgrounds as part of a grassroots coalition to help the masses snap out of the matrix so to speak.
At you stay in your lane we have set our goals in line with the wholistic philosophy, without any ill will towards our allopathic friends because we believe they are needed in a field of health, especially when it comes to trauma, emmergency care and a few infectious diseases, however we Also know that they are not trained to handle chronic diseases and can make it worse if they attempt to do so as evidenced in our current statistics. According a john Hopkins study, the third leading cause of death is by MD directed medicines
Analysing medical death rate data over an eight-year period, John’s hopkins patient safety expects have calculated that more than 250,000 deaths per year are due to medical error in the U.S. Their figure, published May 3 in The BMJ, surpasses the U.S. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention’s third leading cause of death— respiratory disease, which kills close to 150000 per year(Vanessa Mcmains/published May 3, 2016). Now, This, invariably leads to MD directed medicine becoming the leading cause of bankruptcies in America. Again take a look at the studies below
“Medical debt has been the leading cause of American bankruptcy for years. In 2013, a CNBC report revealed that unpaid medical bills would affect the finances of two million people in one year. Even of those who do not file for bankruptcy, an estimated 56 million adults will suffer in some way because of medical expenses, which accounts for more than 20% of the American population between the ages of 19 and 64.(”
So we are advocating for 4 things which we believe Will change the direction of healthcare from symptom management to real care for people and these are:
1. each and every one taking their own health into their hands
2, becoming an advocate for Dr. Wallach therapeutics and reaching out to your congressman or woman who at the turn of this century legislated into law that the allopathic MD is king and everybody else is at the back of the bus quack. Now to change that, it’s a numbers game and that begins by every one calling their congress men and women and putting pressure on them to change their voting habits or be changed
3.Insurance coverage covering both allopaths and naturopaths equally in all 50 states and not just 26 states as we have it now, because we know the laws of science does not change between state lines. They both study biochemistry and it’s the same where ever you go
4 making sure each of them stays in their lane in terms their training, so that just like we will not allow a chiropractor to perform an open heart surgery, not because we hate them but because they are not trained to do that, Same applies to allopathic MDs, they must only be allowed to handle chronic diseases. I strongly believe if these 4 things are done, our health care will be heading in the right direction .
Giants have attempted this battle over the years and have not been able to overcome big pharma, I strongly believe with Dr Wallach approach of building an army of the informed and adopting the four changes I have outline here , we will make this world a better place because we Now know health care touches on every facet of life, the rich and the poor equally. So we are to help in our own small way